The limoncello

LEMON OF SORRENTO with Protected Geographical Indication PGI

Respect for tradition is the basis of lemon cultivation in the Sorrento Peninsula, a typical product, unique in Italy and in the world, which has been awarded the Protected Geographical Indication PGI, an important guarantee of the quality of the raw material from which it takes Limoncello Piemme is alive. It is an oval lemon, medium-large in size, with a particularly succulent straw-yellow pulp and a peel with a very particular fragrance, due to the richness of the essential oils present. It is cultivated, under the supervision of the Consorzio del Limone di Sorrento IGP, from Vico Equense to Massa Lubrense in lands overlooking the sea rich in volcanic elements, according to the traditional method of pergolas and "straw". No chemical product is used on the fruits which, depositing on the peel, would alter the taste and aroma of the derived products.


The gold of Sorrento

In the Sorrento Peninsula the production of lemon liqueur dates back to ancient times and is still carried out today with a transformation system that preserves the artisanal and traditional methods of the area, handed down to the present day. PIEMME, since 1986, is the undisputed leader in the production of Limoncello which, rightly, can be considered the Gold of Sorrento.
The collection of Sorrento lemons is carried out strictly by hand, to prevent the fruit from being damaged, and precedes a series of processes, aimed at producing the Limoncello, which PIEMME carries out within its own company.
In fact, the infusion phase in pure alcohol and beet sugar (without any additives, syrup or sweetener), the extraction of the skins from the containers (where the precious infusion remains) and the bottling are carried out in about 4-7 days. in the internal laboratory of PIEMME, a true bulwark of craftsmanship but characterized by technological innovation and strict quality controls.

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The Piemme di Sorrento Limoncello from Organic Agriculture is prepared according to strict regulations approved by the Body of Control of Organic Products and is, therefore, produced with the use of organic raw materials such as: Lemons of Sorrento IGP Bio (only lemons matured in the exceptional microclimate of the west Sorrento coast) cereal alcohol and cane sugar from organic farming.

The safety of authenticity meets the flavor of the Mediterranean.

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